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Romeo and Juliet

The Woolgatherers’ Romeo and Juliet is an interactive party play that tests the limits of intimacy as guests enter Juliet’s world, heart, and fantasy. You are invited into the world of the Capulet Ball, where Romeo and Juliet see each other for the first time. From that moment on the story plays out as Juliet’s fantasy, full of the ecstasy and terror of first love, sexual desire, and teenage rebellion. 

MITU580, NYC, April 2019

Directed by Grace Herman-Holland
Production and Stage Manager: Natalie Jones
Original Music: Julian Giaimo
Scenic Design: Emma Antenen
Lighting Design: Andy LiDestri
Costume Design: Melinda Hare
Dramaturge: Nicholas Orvis
Fight Choreography: Dispatch Combat Collective
Publicity: Toro Communications
Cast: Peter Alexandrou, Katharine Ginna, Kelley Heyer, Samuel Im, Meaghan J. Johnson, Bereket Mengistu, Brandon Sawhill-Aja, Sarah Corbyn Woolf


Eyes of a Blue Dog

For years now, they’ve been meeting in their dreams. In reality, they’ve never met. One wakes each morning and searches for the other. But the other wakes and remembers nothing of their dreams. Eyes of a Blue Dog, based on a short story by Gabriel García Márquez, is an explosion of hopes ignited and extinguished.

Dixon Place, NYC, May 2018

Created by Grace Herman-Holland and The Woolgatherers
Production and Stage Manager: Natalie Jones
Original Music and Sound Design: Anthony Sertel Dean
Scenic Design: Susannah Hyde
Lighting Design: Matt Catron and Anthony Sertel Dean
Costume Design: Melinda Hare
Cast: Scout Backus, Sophie Becker, Yarin Brosh, Francisco Ariel Carillo, Bereket Mengistu, Jaya Tripathi, Will Van Moss, Sarah Corbyn Woolf

Genesis 22

Adapted from the Biblical story of Abraham and Isaac, Genesis 22 is an immersive performance that twists forms and bends boundaries. The second production of NYC-based company The Woolgatherers, Genesis 22 tells the classic tale of humanity and faith in a new and surprising way. Is Abraham, the father who nearly sacrifices his child, a man of faith or a brutal killer? Sometimes meaning is found only at the intersection of form, and Genesis 22 seeks answers by dismantling traditional storytelling. With familiar text and unexpected turns, Genesis 22 tells a new story about an old story, and re-defines what it means to have faith—and what it costs to get it.

408A Colonels Row, Governors Island, NYC, July 2017

Created by Grace Herman-Holland and Sarah Corbyn Woolf
Directed by Nick Auer, Lauren French, Grace Herman-Holland, Kirsten Peacock, Sadah Espii Proctor, Caedra Scott-Flaherty
Original Music by Anthony Dean
Stage Manager: Sarah Reynolds
Scenic and Lighting Design: Kelley Shih and Erik Herskowitz
Cast: Brian Alford, Scout Backus,Yarin Brosh, Suzy Bucky, Rachel Coffin, Kathleen Donachie, Alexander Gheesling, Andrew Gonzales, Kaileela Hobby, Nadia Khayrallah, Abrielle Kuo, Bereket Mengistu, Erin Noll, Clinton Powell, Cassidy Wingate


Revel's End: A Tempest Dance Party

Revel’s End is a mashup of Shakespeare’s last play with original R&B/pop music and collaboratively devised contemporary dance. Set in a Brooklyn night club, Revel’s End is neither musical nor play-with- music, but a new hybrid style: part concert, part play, and part dance party. 

Cap 21, NYC, October 2016

Directed by Grace Herman-Holland
Original Music by Jared Arnold
Producer: Lianne Kennedy
Stage Manager: Brendan Cullen
Scenic and Lighting Design: Remy Leelike
Costume Design: Jamie Gross
Cast: Bereket Mengistu, Brinda Dixit, Kanae Miyahara, Will Van Moss, Jaz Zepatos, Meghan Crosby, Elisha Mudley

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An adaptation of the classic kabuki tragedy Sonezaki Shinju, Starfall sets star-crossed lovers to 90s pop hits and hearkens back the raucous parties of kabuki in its golden age. Part tribute to traditional Japanese performance, part hip hop dance party, part cover band concert, Starfall is the night out you've waited for.

Wesleyan University, February 2015

Directed by Grace Herman-Holland
Music Director: Max Luton
Stage Manager: Maya Herbsman
Scenic Design: Silas Newman
Lighting Design: Brendan Coakley
Costume Design: Addie McDowell
Cast: Alyssa Domino, Noah St. John, Marco Martinez
Musicians: Adam Rochelle, Jared Fineberg, Miles McLeod, Anthony Dean, Max Luton, Jonah Wolfson

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Co-conceived and directed by Maya Herbsman and Grace Herman-Holland, Nocturne is a deeply immersive and experimental venture into dreams and nightmares. Made up entirely of one-on-one actor-audience interactions, Nocturne takes nine audience members at a time through a tumultuous and unsettling night of dreaming, ultimately leaving them alone and disarmed in the light of day.

Wesleyan University, May 2015

Directed by Maya Herbsman and Grace Herman-Holland
Production Manager: Sarah Corbyn Woolf
Ensemble: Matt Catron, Max Cembalest, Gabe Doss, Nate Gardner, Russell Goldman, Maya Herbsman, Grace Herman-Holland, Rose Johnson-Brown, Sofie Somoroff



Eyes of a Blue Dog

Adapted from three short stories by Gabriel García Márquez, Eyes of a Blue Dog tells the story of a man and a woman who meet in their dreams each night but can't find each other in reality. Quiet, symbolic, and circular, the play gently reflects on life, love, and the passage of time.

Wesleyan University, November 2012

Directed and Adapted by Grace Herman-Holland
Stage Manager: Cicily Gruber
Scenic Design: Tessa Young
Lighting Design: Rachel Leicher
Costume Design: Grace Nix
Cast: Isabel Rouse, Mark Popinchalk, Lily Haje, Richie Starzec